What we do

About Cambridge Academic Performance

We are a professional performance coaching service, helping students to perform in their studies and succeed in their lives.

It was our experience that many students needed support that bridged both the study support and personal development disciplines and that this was not available.

Created in 2013, Cambridge Academic Performance is a response to this need.

We are a social enterprise, independent from universities, colleges, and schools and we are completely confidential.

Using a combination of coaching, supervision, mentoring and therapy, our aim is to support students at all levels of their academic career.

Within sports, clinical and business settings, this type of support is considered essential and is the acknowledged approach to personal development and high performance under stress.

We believe that the academic experience mirrors these high performance settings.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the achievements of others, and to lose sight of our personal strengths and resources.

Regular mentoring targeting your strengths, will help you to develop your personal resources and learn useful skills that will aid you in academia and throughout your life.

Sessions Price/Hour
Initial 20 min chat Free
Hourly rate £75