Performance Coaching

Achieving peak academic performance underpins the work that we carry out with students.

Within the context of an increasingly competitive academic environment, maintaining robust health and a positive attitude can be a major challenge. In our work with you, creating the foundation for your success is based on developing your robust, relaxed and resilient state of health.

We understand that planning a practical and achievable timetable, with guilt free rest and leisure, is essential to achieving a sustained and high level of performance.

Performance Coaching Strategies

We identify with you the successful strategies that you are already using to achieve good results. We help you examine how best to transfer these strategies into other areas of your academic life.

We use tools to help you look at your expectations of yourself and evaluate whether these are realistic and helpful. We effectively combine practical strategies with self-development techniques to help you grow and achieve your goals.

We help you to set goals which are achievable and plan for any set backs with a flexible and practical approach. In this way you learn to develop a resilient approach to the challenges you face.

Performance = Perspective

We help you put your efforts into perspective by avoiding short-term burn-out  and building on your strengths to achieve your best performance when you most need it