Sleep Management

Your academic success will be intimately linked to the quality, timing and nature of your sleep.

Sleep deprivation can affect your academic performance significantly. It is one of the few areas in which you can improve your performance with little physical effort!

The quality and timing of your sleep is very important. The timings of sleep have been shown to correlate closely with students academic achievements.

REM sleep plays a key role in your memory and learning, because this is when the brain consolidates and processes what you have learned during the day. Missing it impacts on your memory.

Sleep Issues With Students

We often work on sleep issues with students, exploring the quality and timing of your sleep and your habits and beliefs around sleep.

We use NHS-reviewed and personally endorsed Apps to help you monitor and improve your sleep. We help you to make effective changes in your sleep routine which feel helpful and manageable for you.

Regularly staying up late to study and losing sleep can be counter-productive. Adding an extra half hour to your sleep in the morning can genuinely boost your cognitive function, your concentration and your mood.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation appears to be widespread. If you have been sleep deprived for a while, you may not even remember how good it felt to be wide awake and fully functioning.