Student Training and Workshops

The programme is designed to be fun, interesting and engaging for all students. Each session includes group discussions, individual exercises, teaching and internet support.

The student training programme is all about involving students and their own experiences of learning.

It is often a real revelation to students to hear how other students are coping and the strategies that they are using to help themselves succeed.

Students come away with practical strategies that they can use immediately.

Student Workshops

We offer several student workshops:

First Aid Kit for Feelings: A short course designed to help students manage difficult feelings and develop a fast acting tool kit to build resourcefulness.

Peak Performance – How to develop your optimal academic performance.

Peer mentoring group work – Learn effective strategies for managing stress and improving your performance, and share it with others.

We provide a range of smaller and larger training courses as well as tailor made training courses specific to your needs.

The courses are designed to be engaging and above all FUN!

All our courses are based on research and evidence-based practice and are delivered by trained professionals.