Cambridge Academic Performance is offering a selection of programmes designed to support students at different stages of their academic career.

For some students, getting support early in the academic year can make an enormous difference. This is particularly true for international students who are having to adapt to a high level of change very quickly.

For most students however, the move away from home to a new environment requires a new levels of adaptation and we offer support during this process.

All students face high stress periods of the year, when revision and exams become the focus of activity. Accessing extra targeted support during these times can have a lasting impact on students confidence and results. We offer exam support packages tailored around students work schedule.

Providing support for parents remains a high priority for our service. We offer workshops for parents, either independently or through schools and colleges.

We also have an ongoing programme of professional training. This ranges from mental health training to cultural issues and techniques and models for supporting students in distress.