Exam Anxiety

Successful exam performance is actually a function of overall optimal performance.

We intuitively understand that an athlete needs to prepare for months and years in order to perform well on race day.  This includes getting the right food, sleep, rest and relaxation, as well as preparing efficiently and having effective performance techniques.

Performing well in exams is one of the highest priorities for students.

Successful exam performance requires the same approach. In this way you arrive at exam day in optimal condition, relaxed and rested and ready to do your best. This approach is actually less stressful and more successful than last minute cramming.

Exam Anxiety Management

We help you prepare for exams by offering a fusion of academic skills such as exam technique and revision timetabling, with stress reduction techniques that are tailored specifically to your requirements.

In this way we help you feel in control of your anxiety and feel confident during your exams.

By understanding the mechanism of adrenalin and using it effectively, just as an athlete would, you can stop feeling frightened of anxiety and can use it to deliver your best performances.

Exam Technique

With our help, you will have targeted strategies for exam technique.  These include planning question order, timing where the most marks will be delivered and writing essay summaries to maximum effect.