Student Anxiety

Anxiety is a debilitating experience and it can be surprisingly hard to recognise.  Here are some examples:

It can take the form of constant negative and even catastrophic thoughts. These thoughts feel real and accurate at the time.

It can appear as panic attacks that feel as if they have “come out of the blue”.

It can appear as lack of motivation, lethargy and even headaches or lack of stamina.

You may feel that the advice you have been given for anxiety is unhelpful.  Advice like breathe deeply or be positive. This is not because the advice is wrong – but it doesn’t explain what is happening or why.

Anxiety Strategy

We address these issues in a practical and step by step way. We look at your experience and that includes your thoughts and beliefs.

Fearful thoughts can be a coping strategy designed to protect you from future harm or disappointment. We work with you to make your thinking constructive in a way that’s real and true.

We work with you to identify how panic attacks happen and to recognise the triggers.  We will then develop a strategy to successfully address those triggers.

The role of Adrenalin

Understanding your body’s stress response is a game changer. When you understand what happens in the body and you begin to take control, you take back control of your thoughts, your wellbeing and ultimately your life.