Motivation is one of the most important building blocks to a successful academic life. Maintaining motivation over long periods is a challenge.

An academic performance coach, just like a sports coach, will help you to focus. This support significantly improves the speed at which you reconnect with your motivation and re-engage in your studies.

National research into student’s experience has highlighted that a lack of motivation is closely linked to increased stress levels and feelings of being overwhelmed.

The result is that at times of increased stress, such as the exam season, students report low levels of motivation. These are crucial moments in which to have the backing and reassurance of a coach who knows your strengths and your potential.

Strategies To Improve Your Motivation

We look at practical strategies to improve your motivation.

Knowing what drives you, how to change your state, where you study the best, having strategies to enhance your concentration and knowing how to use them, are all key features that we would develop with you.

We fuse practical tools like a revision timetable, with strategies to help you study on a day where your motivation is low.  This is a key to optimising your performance.

Creativity and Motivation

Creativity is an effective way to improve motivation. This can be challenging for students who have used self-criticism and constant self-pressure as their only motivating strategies. We enable you to develop your own creative strategies that are not only constructive but empowering too.