Parent Training and support

Research shows that most students prefer to turn to their parents and friends for support, rather than to professionals.

Often parents don’t feel equipped to provide that support or that what they are doing doesn’t seem to be helping.

In general, parents are not provided with guidance on how to best support their child during stressful periods of study, like the exam season.

We offer training to parents on a number of techniques used by professionals. We look at the theory underlying these techniques and why they work.

By helping improve parents’ skills and confidence, we ultimately aim to improve your child’s academic performance.

Parenting Courses

We offer short 2 hour workshops where we explore subjects such as:

  • How to help your child to problem solve.
  • Creating a thinking environment.
  • How to help your child build their confidence.
  • How we learn about ourselves through being understood by others.
  • Stress and stress management.
  • What support we ask for and what we really need.
  • Fast track strategies to improving mood.

Courses take place at local venues, such as cafes, libraries or in schools.
Please contact us to find out about the next course or to invite us to your school or local parent group.