Planning a realistic and effective revision timetable is a skill.

Setting a timetable that feels helpful in terms of motivating you to keep revising, is the key to successful exam preparation. A good timetable is like a good budget – it needs to be manageable and realistic, helps you make the savings you need without pain and still allows you some of life’s little luxury’s. It needs to be something you feel you can stick to.

Some students avoid making a timetable to prevent themselves from feeling guilty if they cannot maintain it. However, knowing you are on track with your revision actually increases your confidence and your motivation.

Revision Timetable

We show you how to create a revision timetable that supports your efforts to learn and builds your self-confidence in the run-up to your exams.

We embed into the timetable ways of managing your mood and motivation to help you keep studying and on track. We use fun and creativity as techniques to keep you engaged in the revision process.

We encourage you to maintain a good balance outside of your studies and to appreciate the value of rest and play in actually optimising your academic performance.

20:80 Rule:

Using this unique way of assessing your productivity, we help you monitor your efforts and adjust what you are doing, if it becomes ineffective or unproductive. This is a fast acting and effective technique for improving your performance.