The mentoring offered by Cambridge Academic Performance is based on a shared willingness to explore aspects of the academic experience and to problem solve together best practice and solutions.

Within clinical and business settings this type of support is considered essential for professionals and is the acknowledged approach to personal development under stress.

We believe that the academic experience mirrors these settings and requires a high level of professional input and support for students who want to do well.

Ongoing support in the form of supervision and mentoring can easily be adapted into a therapeutic intervention if needed, during difficult phases. It can be adjusted back into goal setting and skills development for performance when resilience is re-established.

A key component in the effectiveness of mentoring is accessibility. Often, within institutions, it becomes increasingly difficult to access those we look to for supervision.

Cambridge Academic Performance aims to fundamentally change this dynamic by offering a private and separate service, so that students and their families can feel in control of their mentoring support. Furthermore, because we offer packages of support, students will know how many sessions are available and can choose the timeframe that works best for them, for instance, front loading sessions at the beginning of the term.

Health for Performance

Within the context of an increasingly competitive academic environment, maintaining robust health and a positive attitude can be a major challenge.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the achievements of others, and to lose sight of our personal strengths and resources.

We understand that planning a manageable timetable, in which rest and leisure have a full and guilt free space, is essential to achieving a sustained and high level of academic performance.