Exam Support

The exam programme is tailor made specifically for you to optimise your exam results and ensure that you stay well and healthy throughout.

The focus is to help you manage the stresses of exams, and pace your efforts so that you peak when you need to. The sessions are designed not to intrude on your study schedule and can be used in a variety of ways.

Good exam preparation not only involves weeks of planning in which you combine hard work with guilt-free periods of fun and relaxation. It also requires excellent stress management techniques on the day.

Methods Of Exam Support

We offer you a combination of methods of support including check-ins before and after exams as well as full, or half hour sessions depending on your schedule.

We will look at your study methods, where you achieve best performance, how to improve your sleep and your diet and whether you are using physical exercise to enhance your resilience.

We combine revision timetabling with stress management techniques. We also help you assess when you are performing well and how to use this information to maximise your efforts in general.

Sustained high level of performance

We understand that planning a manageable timetable, with guilt free rest and leisure, is essential to achieving a sustained and high level of performance in your exams.