Student Term Support

Providing hands-on, practical support this programme helps you to adapt quickly to your study environment and enables you to make the most of your efforts throughout the term.

We will plan practical strategies for helping you to manage your academic course, while ensuring that you have guilt-free time to allow yourself to rest and play.

Having a balance of these activities is crucial to your sustained performance. We will help you to adjust this balance, so that your focus shifts appropriately, and your performance peaks at the point of your exams, or at other times when you need to be at your best.

Coaching And Mentoring Students

We offer individual coaching and mentoring sessions for students. These blend academic support, such as essay plans and planning for deadlines, with therapeutic and personal development support, such as stress management techniques and identifying your strengths and using them.

By broadening your insight into your personal resources, we can help you to develop resilience, to thrive and to enjoy yourself.

Regular mentoring targeting your strengths, will help you to develop useful skills that will aid you throughout your life.

International Students:

This group of students faces particular challenges fitting in to new surroundings and adapting at speed to new educational demands. The term-time coaching programme is particularly helpful in supporting them to transition well.