Making the most of your time and being organised is an important skill and fundamental to optimal performance. This is not something that comes naturally to everyone and many students benefit from learning practical ways to get organised and stay organised.

Improving your organisational skills is not just about techniques. Students often benefit from looking at beliefs about themselves and their relationship to others as well as interestingly, beliefs about time.

Regularly being late or missing deadlines is highly stressful, uses up a lot of energy and can impact both performance and relationships. Recognising the cost of this, can really motivate you to make changes.

Time Management

We provide a unique service which combines practical skills with self-development techniques.

Becoming organised involves looking at your habitual ways of doing things. You may find that some of your usual strategies don’t actually make sense – even to you!

Identifying where small, easy changes will have a big impact, helps you build your confidence and enables you to develop more complex strategies as you grow.

We also recommend Apps which can literally change your life and your habits overnight.


Interestingly this is often the result of perfectionistic tendencies and high standards.  Talking through what’s realistic and constructive in terms of goals and time scales, delivers successful longer term results.