Workbooks and courses for staff

Workbooks and courses for staff

Staff Resources

We have created a series of workbooks and online training courses that can be purchased within our Online Learning Section.

These are designed to show staff working in schools how an occupational therapy approach can be both a practical and successful way to help students.


These can be downloaded or printed and used directly with students both individually and in classrooms.

Our workbooks are divided into two areas:

  • Academic Workbooks – These can be used by all staff and are created with the classroom setting in mind. Each workbook has an explanatory video, licensed for ten years, which allows staff to have minimal preparation before using these resources.

  • Wellbeing Workbooks – These are designed to be used by pastoral care or mental health staff and are for use in one-to-one sessions only. This is because the content in each workbook is both personal and powerful and would be inappropriate to explore within a classroom setting. It is also strongly recommended that staff wanting to use these workbooks take the associated online training course before using them with students.

Online Training Courses:

These can be accessed online from anywhere and can be taken at your own pace. Each includes a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certificate of completion.

The courses show the components that we use to deliver an occupational therapy approach to supporting students with a range of issues from anxiety to improving sleep and rest and a healthy work/life balance. These trainings not only look at how to achieve change with students but explore where the main barriers to making change lie. They also describe the typical student responses that we see in therapeutic sessions and advise of how to overcome resistance to change. They also provide additional resources and links for further reading and learning.

We found showcasing and modelling these resources to be hugely impactful. The workbooks aligned perfectly with the video content without being too onerous or overwhelming.

Shahla Matarazzo, Deputy Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Linton Village College, Cambridgeshire