Helping parents support students

Helping parents support students

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Our parent workbook is built on years of supporting students and their parents. The core of the workbook is based on trainings and keynote addresses given in a variety of schools to parents of Year 10 and 11 GCSE students. This seems to be an under-resourced area of support within education. Parents need support to help their children in the best way. This workbook aims to address this need.supported.

The stress that students go through in the run up to and during their exam season can be extremely high and it can have an impact on the whole family. Parents know that they will play a key role in providing the support that their child needs at these times. Many parents are keen to know how they can best help their child during high stress periods and are worried that they might not be providing the best support and in the best way.

This workbook aims to show parents the approaches that we take at Cambridge Academic Performance when we are supporting stressed students. 

It shares with parents key approaches such as using Nancy Kline’s ‘Thinking Environments’ and looking at how the Theory of Mentalisation helps us to think about what support we are really seeking when we talk to others. It also examines our body language and how this impacts our skills at listening.

Adopting these approaches isn’t easy and it takes some time and thought. However, it is possible for everyone to improve their abilities in general and to improve with practice. This approach supports children to think for themselves and to develop their resilience and independence whilst feeling cared for and supported.

We’ve had some very positive comments with regard to the content and I know that our parents valued your professional advice and insight. I was greatly impressed with the common sense and research based guidance you offered as well as your relaxed and approachable style of delivery.

Richard Spencer, Principal, Ely College