Individual online coaching sessions

Individual online coaching sessions

Student coaching

Individual student coaching sessions all take place online using video calls. Most students are used to this way of working following the pandemic and it has allowed us to expand our reach internationally. We have found that this approach has not hampered our impact or the connection that we can make with students.

  • Each session costs £80 / hour
  • Three sessions = £240
  • Six sessions = £480

Our services follow the same format:

  1. A free 20 minute initial chat – We will talk with you, or your parents, about the difficulties that you are facing and what you would like to change or improve. It is helpful if we can talk with you directly at this point because it will allow you to see if you feel comfortable going ahead with more sessions. You will not be asked to decide this on the call.
  2. Email us to go ahead – You will not be followed up after this call. If you wish to go ahead please email us. We will send you our paperwork, an invoice and set up your first session. We do this so that students do not feel pressured when they have their initial chat with us.
  3. We usually recommend three or six sessions – Many students do not need more than three or six sessions. This is often true when they are focusing on academic issues. Some students work with us over the longer-term. It all depends on what the issues you are working on are.  We will be guided by you and advise you on our thoughts.

Our focus is on making these sessions enjoyable and interesting and something that you can benefit from immediately. We write notes within the sessions and sometimes draw pictures to highlight patterns or ideas.

Each session you will be sent a scanned version of your session notes so that you can read them and remember the ideas that we discussed. We may also send you Youtube clips or articles or podcasts which we think may be of interest to you. All of this adds to the process of learning and helping you to experiment with making changes in your life.

I have found our sessions so helpful and insightful and you’ve really helped me to understand myself better, which has helped me enormously already.

At first I was embarrassed about asking for help because I felt that, as an MSc student, I should have academic life figured out by now, but Lee made me feel comfortable from the first phone call. He helped me understand the negative impact of my perfectionistic thinking and inner dialogue and gave me tools that helped shift my mindset. Throughout the sessions, Lee helped me build my confidence and I was able to make some big decisions towards our final few sessions.

B. Boutaleb