Online resources for students

Online resources for students

Student Resources

We also offer online training courses for students who do not want to have face to face online sessions. Not everyone finds coaching sessions to be the most helpful way to make changes in their lives. For some, an online course is a much more comfortable way to learn new skills and develop a different approach to their academic life.

All the courses are designed to improve academic performance and to unlock a healthy and effective way to study. The online courses look at areas that are not often covered in schools but are areas that sports and business coaches would typically cover in order to improve performance.

Each course includes further resources to follow up on such as reading material and YouTube clips and interviews. These are quick to access resources that come from a wide range of sources and help clarify and embed the main points covered. We don’t want you to just take our word for what we say in the course, but want you to know about the research, believe in the information and remember it, so that you will naturally begin to start using it within your life.

These courses are most suitable for fourteen years+ students. It may be that for students in this age group it is most effective to have parental support to help think through some of the issues and discuss the different areas that the courses will bring up.

“A short workshop with Cambridge Academic Performance was exceedingly helpful. Not only did it enable my friends and I to realise that we were all struggling with similar things, it offered interesting and innovative ways of dealing with them. The day after the workshop was the most productive I’d had in months.”

Eli Keren, MSt in Creative Writing, Wolfson College, Cambridge