Services based on effective interventions

Services based on effective interventions

Online Learning

Online learning is a new area for Cambridge Academic Performance to extend into. The idea for this began with our research project in 2017/18 in which we identified a number of pieces of research where coaches and facilitators within education were trained up to deliver specific types of mental health support to students. These staff work within a complex and high stakes environment and in our experience, they are always interested in learning new skills and techniques to help improve the quality of their student care. It is to these staff that we direct the wellbeing online trainings and the workbooks associated with them. They are designed for working with individual students within individual coaching sessions. The academic workbooks are for general use within the classroom by teaching staff to help prepare students for exams and managing the stresses associated with them.

We also wanted to provide online services for students and parents should they prefer an online training rather than a coaching approach.

Our online services capture the occupational therapy thinking, strategies and practical techniques that have been effective within our individual coaching sessions. The techniques have been tried and tested and used throughout the companies last ten years of supporting students. Each training and each workbook are based on many hours of student coaching and all are designed to be practical and to change perspectives and behaviours quickly in order to achieve results and improve academic performance and wellbeing.

Working with CBP has resulted in a substantial increase in efficiency when working due to vastly reduced anxiety and greater confidence in my own abilities