Wellbeing Workbooks for Wellbeing Support Staff

It is assumed that while using this workbook you will be working within the scope and competence of your current professional role, training and expertise. This workbook does not confer competence upon you but is designed to broaden your existing skill set.

It is strongly recommended that staff using these workbooks first take the associated Cambridge Academic Performance online training for each workbook.

  • Package includes unlimited downloads of the workbook with both printable and writable PDF versions
  • Suitable for individual work with students within counselling, coaching or mentoring sessions
  • Suitable to be delivered by mental health and pastoral care staff working within the scope of their role and training
  • Not suitable for group or classwork
  • Not suitable for academic and teaching staff without mental health or wellbeing training
  • Not suitable for staff who have not taken the Cambridge Academic Performance associated online training

Working with CBP has resulted in a substantial increase in efficiency when working due to vastly reduced anxiety and greater confidence in my own abilities

I have seen students Lee has supported make remarkable progress, academically and in terms of their well-being and mental health, in a matter of weeks. Those I have been extremely concerned about have gone on not only to secure a place at a top university (something unthinkable prior to his support) but to thrive there, equipped with resilience, independence and the confidence to ask for support when it was needed.

Dr Lucy Sweatman, Director, Cantab Education