Staff – Online Training for Wellbeing Support Staff

It is assumed that you will be working within the scope of your current professional role, training and expertise. This training does not confer competence upon you but is designed to broaden your existing skill set.

It is assumed that you are best placed to judge whether you have the competence to use these skills appropriately within your work with students.

  • Package includes unlimited downloads of the workbook with both printable and writable PDF versions
  • Includes:

  • Video introduction exploring the main issues and challenges for staff supporting students
  • Activities for students that can change thinking and behaviour
  • Examples of typical student thoughts and responses
  • Additional resources with links to reading material and Youtube videos
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Named CPD certificate

Thought-provoking, relevant and delivered with humour and insight. Lee was able to clearly outline the concerns we all have when dealing with young people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds and give teachers effective strategies for identifying issues and implementing clear, common sense solutions to support these students in their learning.

Darren Coxon, Vice Principal, CATS College Cambridge