Parents – Support Students Workbooks

Many of the parents that we meet want to support their children in the best ways possible and they are keen to know if their behaviour and approaches are helping or hindering their child. This is especially true during times of stress such as the exam season. They want to know whether there are better ways of providing support. Because children lash out where they feel safest, it can leave parents feeling uncertain whether they are able to help their child and whether there are alternative strategies that they could be using more effectively.

Over the years, Cambridge Academic Performance has delivered many talks and trainings to parents to share with them a clinician’s perspective on supporting stressed students. We want to reassure parents that there are strategies that help and that anyone can use them. At times these are counter-intuitive and we hope that this workbook and video will help parents not only to learn about these approaches but to use the workbook to reflect on ad improve their efforts to adopt them.

Key to these approaches is using Nancy Kline’s ‘Thinking Environments’ approach combined with the main tenets of the Theory of Mentalisation.

As both a parent, and someone who coaches parents myself in parenting skills, I am acutely aware of the stress and lack of confidence many children, teens and young adults face. This stress directly affects their self esteem which is already shaky in adolescence and their ability to reach their true potential…. As a parenting educator, I am very happy to continue recommending Lee’s service to other parents.

Judy Reith, Parent Coach