Lee Parker

Lee is the Founder of Cambridge Academic Performance. Over the past eleven years he has built up considerable expertise working within the NHS and within educational settings.

Lee noticed a gap in the support offered to students which could be filled by offering a fusion of academic techniques and personal development strategies.

Lee works collaboratively with students, their parents and other professionals to help each student fulfil their potential and succeed in their goals.

Lee works with students at all levels, from primary school to PhD and postdocs.

Many of the students Lee has worked with have gone on to further academic success.

A hallmark of his approach is to use the difficulties that each individual has faced as a springboard to access their strengths and to capitalise on the struggles that they have overcome.

Lee believes this develops a resilient attitude and life-long skills which students take away with them.

Lee has a considerable ability to achieve rapport with his clients and particularly with young people. This is key to his success in supporting students and staff to manage stressful situations and develop resilience.

BSc Hons (Psychology),

BSc Hons (Occupational Therapy)

MBAOT British Association of Occupational Therapy Registration No: BT 0229740

MHCPC Health Care Professions Council Registration No: 41694