Knowing how to manage anxiety and cope with panic are key skills for student success and wellbeing. In this workbook the physiological effects of anxiety are explained in terms of adrenalin and how it triggers the fight, flight and freeze response. The guide outlines a five-step process to help students to understand, acknowledge and ultimately control their anxiety.

The five steps include:

  1. Understand the role of adrenalin
  2. Recognise that while alarming, the bodily reactions are not dangerous
  3. Actively calm the body to calm the mind
  4. Practice management techniques
  5. Utilise relaxation strategies such as controlled breathing and visualisation

This clear, actionable advice equips readers to break the self-perpetuating cycle of anxiety and master their nervous system response so that they can perform under pressure. Whether for exam conditions or everyday stress, these evidence-based coping strategies can empower students to cope with anxiety and thrive under pressure.

Author – by Lee Parker, Occupational Therapist, Cambridge Academic Performance

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